T Incoming and testing out the Fuji X-T1's continuous auto focus

Fuji X-T1 | Fuji 23mm F1.4

This was my first opportunity to test out the X-T1's 8 FPS shooting with continuous auto focus and it performed admirably. Sure, I know how to use my camera and the train was far enough away that the subject in focus wasn't difficult to lock on to, but every shot was perfectly in focus. 

I took this last weekend en route home from a nice day in the sun hanging out in the city before more tourists arrived for the upcoming marathon. I tend to avoid black and white except for when colors don't matter and I can assure you that this train stop did not have much in the way of colors.

Another (viral) reason to not use a watermark

Just another reason to not use a watermark:

I have no idea what the future holds for me and aviation photography, but as a long-time passion of mine, I couldn’t be more excited to see what opportunities come out of this picture that I accidentally released at high-resolution, sans a watermark.

The post, written by photographer Mike Kelley, is a great read and tells the story behind the above photo.

Not bad for a swamp in Fenway

Fuji X-T1 | Fuji 23mm F1.4

Who would have guessed that what I was always told was "the park" in Boston's Fenway neighborhood was actually a swamp? Damn kids! It's still a park... and a swamp, but it's not bad for a swamp. The buildings in the back are an old fire station that allowed trucks to come and suck all of the scum water out to eventually spray on your property that's about to be burnt into a horrible pit of rubble. I can't decide which of those is worse.

Down the street in Beacon Hill

I plan on enjoying my last few weeks in Boston's Beacon Hill with some down the street photography from my apartment. Not only is it home to Secretary of State John Kerry, Beacon Hill is also the place to be if you don't enjoy any sort of reality. Don't worry, I'm living in a closet compared to most around here. Anyways, the sun was coming down on the way home from work and caught a nice shot from the corner.

Camera: Fuji X-T1

Lens: Fuji 23mm F1.4 R

Product shots: The Smart Herb Garden

Kickstarter edition Smart Herb Garden

Delay after delay and eventually put on my list of crap-I-funded-and-know-I'll-never-receive, the Smart Herb Garden by Click and Grow finally arrived. Unlike the many other Kickstarter hardware products that I've funded, this was only a handful of months late (In case you're wondering, more than three months late, but less than a year late, is a great success. Consider it like batting .300).

The worst part about going into Whole Foods, aside from seeing thousands of dollars of workout clothes worn by people who haven't ever been to a gym in their life, is that you get smoked on herb prices. I can't grow them in my apartment — a fancy way of saying "I don't keep up with plants very well." Click and Grow says this herb garden is made for me. We'll see how well it works in the coming months, but for now it was an opportunity to do some product photography.

I like using an overbearingly lit scene as a way to highlight whatever I'm shooting so it didn't take much to make these pictures work. Each herb garden has two LEDs that make anything that's not under its reach fall out of exposure. I also added some vignetting to catch anything that wasn't already underexposed.

All photos were taken with a Fuji X-T1 body and Fuji 23mm F1.4R lens.

Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Bag review: The hybrid camera bag

Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Bag review: The hybrid camera bag

Timbuk2 makes awesome messenger bags so the Snoop Camera Bag came with an interesting pitch: it’s a messenger bag and camera bag. It’s not a shocking proposal, rather one that most camera bag makers struggle with. Previous bags that I’ve used have focused on photography which created the annoyance of moving my gear around and requiring me to plan for a photo adventure. Tired of that, I decided to give this hybrid bag a try.

A funny story about The Lagoon in the Boston Public Garden

A couple probably wondering why everyone is so confused.

This past Sunday was warm enough to go outside and take pictures with my newly arrived Fuji X-T1 without the use of winter gloves. I caught this shot by surprise when the X-T1's auto-metering created a nice silhouette around a couple at the dock of the lagoon in Boston's Public Garden as the camera compensated for the bright sun reflecting off the ice. By the way, funny story about this spot.

Not much happens around this spot during the winter (all the action is at Frog Pond for ice skating) except for something I love to watch and laugh at. The lagoon is only a few feet deep, but visitors don't realize that and think it's a deeper, frozen lake despite only an inch or two of frozen water sitting atop the cement base. People cautiously walk out on to the ice while their friends and family yell to be careful or else they'll fall in. People are too excited to walk on the ice to realize the borders of the lagoon give away the depth of their "lake." Hilarious.

A trip to Palm Desert through the mountains

One hell of a ride

I spent last weekend in California — first time on the west coast — and part of the trip was being a passenger through this ride through the mountains to get to Palm Desert. The trip to Palm Desert and Palm Desert itself are great spots if you're looking to go somewhere inland. Palm Desert also happened to be the only spot we could find not torrentially down pouring.

My favorite Lego photos and inspiration for my first and next big project

One of my favorite photos from the project.

One of my favorite photos from the project.

I'm a sucker anytime I see photography, "serious" photography, done with Legos. They're my favorite toys (still) and have seen a whole host of projects that use them in creative ways, but none have captured my interest as much as Andrew Whyte's Legorapher 365 project. Andrew took photos of his Lego man taking photos of interesting things all with an iPhone 4S.

I've been mulling a project for a while involving Legos and this 365 was the final bit of inspiration needed to start my own. I'm still planning it, but it's going to involve Lego Darth Vader and as always, a bit of comedy.

Shotkit is a new site that dives into the gear behind the photographer

Much like the new The Image Story, Shotkit is another, new behind the scenes photography site. Shotkit focuses on a photographer with a specialization, such as weddings or sports, and goes into great detail about the equiptment the photographer uses. I haven't found too much shocking on the site yet; however, it does reinforce the fact that top-end DSLRs are still there for a reason.

Here are a few of my favorite posts so far on the site:

Erik Johansson — This would have been a favorite even if it came up that Erik used a disposable camera because his images are creative as hell.

Agustin Munoz — Any underwater shooting has me interested in what someone uses.

Seagram Pearce — Cars and models.

Not your standard suite of light painting

Most light painting makes me roll my eyes. Not because I'm a snob about the technique, but because so much of it is unoriginal and rehashed, which is why these images impressed me so much. There are so many levels to these images that I can't even fathom how they're done outside of the overused "Photoshop" fallback. If your explanation for an image is that it was "Photoshopped" and it wasn't, then that's some impressive work.

Fuji's new camera remote app in action

One of the few good videos showing the new camera remote app.

I've been looking around for a good video that shows the new Fuji camera app, which allows a large amount of camera control plus a live view from the X-T1 via phone or tablet. I'm hoping this is a new standard with new cameras and that older Fuji cameras receive this functionality in a future firmware update.

Snow Storm in Louisburg Square

Boston Snowstorm

Louisburg Square, home to neighbor John Kerry, is a nice exclusive part of Boston's Beacon Hill and one of the few parts of Downtown Boston with a lot of trees. It's still snowing here and it's all soft snow so it looks awesome outside. If you own a car in this area then you're too busy hating your life to read this.

You can now upload photos to 500px using the app. Finally!

500px's iOS app photo upload feature. Novel, huh?

500px's iOS app photo upload feature. Novel, huh?

I've always found it puzzling that a network for photo sharing had mature apps in most respects, but did not allow for photo uploads via the app. With today's update in the App Store, 500px has now included the feature in their iOS apps. Queue the inflow of selfies!

500px in the App Store

Fuji XF lens deals are live!

Fuji XF Lens Deals.png

If you've been saving up for or holding off on buying some XF lenses, then now's your time. Across the major sellers are some fantastic deals. It looks like all of the XF lenses that were released prior to this are on sale so that means no 56mm or 10-24mm. Myself, I bought a 23mm.

Fuji Rumors has a roundup of the deals with links to each vendor.